Mobile Account Book HD - with improved chart display!

Mobile Account Book HD

Mobile Account Book is an easy but powerful and highly customizable tool to record and analyse personal financial transactions. It also provides features such as budget planning, checking and a lot of enhancing features, which will bring fun to your finance management!

It supports both phones and tablets.

Function List:

  1. Create, update and delete accounts. Different types are supported, such as savings, cash, credit cards, loans, etc. And different currencies are provided for your choice. 
  2. Create your own categories of budgets. Two hierarchies of categories are supported. Category name, budget type and amount can be updated any time.
  3. Log and trace your transactions, of course. The result can be filtered by account, category , payee and transaction date. Old transaction records can be archived. 
  4. Generate report on a certain month or year, to reflect real transaction amount against budget. Also composition of expense or income can be tracked in report. Report can be displayed either for top hierarchy budget or for detailed budget. And report can be saved into SD card. 
  5. Check account balance and budget cash flow, by month or by year. 
  6. Set reminder for your account management. Reminder can be one-time or cyclic. 
  7. Log transactions automatically with reminders. 
  8. Log in password option. Password can be reset by your own secret question's answer. 
  9. Database multiple backup and restore. 
  10. Export database as CSV or HTML file. 
  11. Import database from CSV file. 
  12. Customizable screen short-cuts. 
  13. Language support for English, Chinese and Korean. 
  14. More functions yet to come!

 Free version with account and reminder number limitation is available here.